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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Early Spring 2012 Update

I guess better late than never should be the theme for this blog so here goes! I have many new paintings (at least to this blog) so hope you enjoy!

 With spring around the corner and thoughts of  seeds germinating in the greenhouse and the sight of plants emerging in the garden, I am enjoying the renewed energy that spring and sunshine bring about.

Looking forward, in late May, The Art Loft will be opening and many of my artwork will be on display for sale. The Art Loft is located in Chautauqua, NY on Rt 394 near the Chautauqua Institute. I currently have some on my art work on display at the Arcade Library.

Prints and notecards are available of most of my paintings so please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Happy Spring!

Ed's Goats 
Amaryllis Double Duty

Baby Chicks

Jane's Hydrangeas

Yellow Vase

Chickadee & Berries

Fall Harvest

Winter Barn

Pink Peonies

Summer Glory

Summer Bouquet

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